• Safety and operation reliability in demanding conditions
  • Productivity gain due to fewer shutdowns and lower maintenance needs
  • Comprehensive service, including technical support during start-up and spare parts
  • Special welding (Titanium Ti, Zirconium Zr, Aluminium Al, Inconel, Duplex, RST and HST among others)
  • Lube oil units (reservoir volume up to 120 m3; oil flow up to 6500 l/min)
  • Air space dryers (water cooled - air cooled)
  • Vacuum dehydrators (oil drying down to 50 ppm, filtration to 0,1 um)
  • Oil mist filters (removing oil from air 1000 mg/m3 --> to below 5 mg/m3)
  • Duplex filters
  • Level switches and sight glasses
  • Standard quality requirements
  • Technical standards we apply: DIN, ANSI and API 614
  • An extensive and continuous R&D co-operation with Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT)
  • Patent held: method for removing air from oil

This is the way how the best lube oil systems on the market are created.